Linda Iowa

Racism in the USA

Racism and how to handle it.

Dear Future President,

I can imagine your job it’s really hard and stressful, for this reason I admire you. To be president, mentally you need to be a strong person because you have to organize and manage a such huge country, and all the responsibilities are on your shoulders.

Nowadays all over the world there are lots of problems, but I think that one of the most crucial is the racism. Since I was a child I’ve been listening about people who is treated differently because of the color of the skin, like if they are inferior, weak, like if they don’t deserve to have the same rights as white people. While growing up my brother and I were taught strong morals, and told that nobody should be defined by their appearance. So for me this issue is just unreasonable and ignorant. Furthermore, 30% of the American population is black, Hispanic, or Latino American, making this an issue that affects more than ¼ of the population. For this reason I think you should do something, given that this issue includes so many people in this country’s population.

Racism appeared for the first time during the Indian wars. This was when the Indians committed a genocide, killing whoever appeared different. Adolf Hitler also committed these acts, and everybody knows what I’m talking about in comparison. It’s ridiculous that in 2016 the world is so cutting-edge, but there are still these issues.

Everyday during the television news shows, I can hear about violence towards black people, especially from cops. I believe that there aren’t any differences, and I’d like all people to be treated the same as white people, not like thugs. To do that I’d like to ask you to give them more possibility to have a job. In fact, the civil rights have not removed the prejudice in hiring for the black. Then you need increase educational possibility to have a job. Once you’ve done these things you can help the minority. Will you be the savior of minority citizens?