Tyler K. Iowa


This is explaining ideas of how to help the cause

Dear Future President

The mighty USA a nation that is built and is considered a dream, but there are many problems. Today I would like to bring up a matter that is in need of great importance, it is to do with the matter that is pollution. Pollution is a terrible thing that we live with, look at places such as china it's so bad there that they have to wear medical masks at all times. “Pollution the rise and fall of nations.” I believe this hits right at home for what we are going through. My claim is that we put more funding into making better materials to fuel factories and cars since these are the main sources of pollution.

According to world's wildlife website, This topic has really been in effect since 1971. This is the year that carbon emission was on the steady rise of 2% every year. “But in our day and age by 2030 it is expected to increase by another 39% unless we do something.” This quote comes from this site by george huff.

If you're trying to find a more valuable source look no further than what I just said as it was posted by the government itself so obviously you know that this is an issue, so then how come you haven't done much. This is such a workable problem simply because there are so many solutions that we can try to make as a society.

I believe that if we help each other accordingly that we can fix this dire problem.

What we do now will affect how our lives, our kids lives and how are great great grandkids lives will be affected if we can’t fix pollution how will we fix other world and nation problems. This is why I hope you will consider my claim and the threat that this poses.


Tyler Knight Cox

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