Tommy M. Iowa

Feminism & Wage Gap Myth

Feminism Is Useless and Needs To Go

Tommy Miller

Mrs. Petri

L.A. 2 A

21 October 2016

Dear Future President, I want to take some of your time to tell you about a growing problem; the wage gap myth. Ever since the Equal Pay Act of 1970, both men and women have been payed the same until a recent myth has claimed this to be false. The cause of this problem can only be feminism. Feminism use to be for women’s rights, but recently has turned anything that isn’t a problem into one for media coverage of their dying cause. They claim here, in the United States, and beyond in other countries such as Germany and Canada that women are oppressed by the government and employers.

Now Future President, let’s get to the issues. To start off, there are many myths that were spread a few years back that have came back to life. One, mainly, is the wage gap myth. This myth concludes that women get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man is payed for the same job and same work. This conclusion, however, is false, because the survey that conducted this assessment only took the median wage of a few men and women, and discluded all variables that make up for the “wage gap.” Some factors that make this come true is non-paid leave for women that have children, women take more vacation than men, men make up 92% of casualties on the job, and men pursue more high-paying jobs, like an entrepreneur and electrician, compared to whereas women are more likely to take jobs as teachers and care-takers.

Another way you could look on this ideology is not that it is alone unjust, but also are causes of many other problems and influenced by others. A major influence of the gender pay gap is modern feminism. Feminism use to be all for women’s rights when they weren’t equal back during the 1980s, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. A 2014 poll asked American women if they were feminists and fewer than 1/5 said yes, but the ones who did not said they were for equality for both genders. This poll proves that the motive behind the wage gap is false, and that most women do not believe there is a wage gap that is unjust by proven statistics.

So, Future President, will you stop this growing problem of hysteria caused by radical left-wingers, or will just sit by and let your people grow less aware of real problems, or will you stop this menace and denounce it publicly?

Sincerely, Tommy Miller