Caden A. Iowa


ISIS is a dangerous threat

Dear Future President,

My name is Caden Albright I live in Oskaloosa Iowa. I live in a Christian family who cares for everyone.

I am writing about a really dangerous threat to our country called ISIS. Innocent people are getting killed because of ISIS. ISIS ask people if there Christian if they respond yes they lose their lives. Remember a year or two ago where they showed a video of Isis killing one of our soldiers.

I choose this because people are getting killed all around the world for no reason. They are taking hostages from our country. I really care about this whenever I hear about ISIS I go to a different room. It Makes me sad to hear that ISIS is destroying families and taking their children to be soldiers.

You should really care about this issue. Remember what happened in Orlando, Florida. It claimed the lives of 49 people ,Injured 53. That is not ok, how are we supposed to know what is going to happen next. We need a leader who can stand up for our country. Please help our country.


Caden Albright