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Education in America

Why education is important and why there should be one on one discussions with teachers and the students.

Many people that fail school and become homeless in the future, or struggle throughout their lives. The staggering problems on education is an important topic, if not the most important, and something must be done for the people in America that are currently struggling in school. Teachers need to have one on one discussions with students that are failing the class, or thank that they are failing the class, because the future lives and the next generation of America will need better grades for the students to advance to the future life, and that having bad grades not only hurt the students, but stress them out and see the hope.

Teachers need to have one on one discussions with students who either are failing the class, or they think they are doing okay, but could be doing better, because that if students have bad grades, then the students would have a harder life.Not only does that harm them the students, but it also harms the world. These students are the next generations to come. According to Peter DeWitt, who wrote the article 10 critical issues facing education, If more and more of the students fail basic classes such as Elementary school and Middle school, then how are they expected to get past collage and even more so, get a job and have a good life? And if the next generation can’t even keep up with their own need, then how are they expected to keep up with the country's new inventions? America may and could be soon left in the dust. With America’s students that could be failing, it is crucial to change and make every single students pass the school with flying colors and keep america ahead of other countries. 

Teachers need to have one on one discussions with students because if they have bad grades then they will be stressed and the students will have the same grades, if not, the have even worse grades. From personal experience, having a bad grade makes the students very stressful and more, they tend to get the same bad grades, sometimes even worse. Not only is getting worse grades and the same bad grades the only con, but also you will gradually disbelieve that you can do better not only in school but also in everything else that the certain students would execute in his or her daily life.not only is this bad but, that certain students may get even worse grades and flunk the current school that he or she is in currently in.

Teachers may not want to stay after school and discuss with the students what they are doing wrong because they don’t get payed much and that they don’t have the time. But, the government can lend more money for the teachers and the schools. And for time, if the teachers get paid more, than they would definitely want to stay and help. Many teachers will and might think that they are not getting paid enough, let alone in class, but even doing extra things for the students. They might even think that they have a reason to not work to much. Besides, before this was even an issue, there was another issue. The fact that teachers are not paid enough. The teacher's job is one of the most important job. I sculpt the future generations and fix them into better people. This should be a number one priority and the teachers salary should be raised. Going back to the topic, if the teachers are paid more, than they would have a better thought process of this and would definitely spend time with the students for both of their benefits.

In conclusion, The people of America must have a better education, or very few people will survive in the future. The government must also raise the salary and the income of the teachers because they have the most important job. Shaping and sculpting the children of the future america. This is why making teachers have one on one discussions with the students who think that they are failing or that they are failing is important and raising the teacher's salary and income.


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Zhebel - English 8

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