Cassidie s.

College Debt

My letter is to help lower college pay.



Dear Future President,

Would you rather go to a community college, and not get the education you want, or go to a good college and be stuck in debt, which would stop you from buying a house or getting married. Seems like an impossible choice, because obviously you want to go to a good college but if you do then it would stop you from buying a house or having children. Many people, however, can afford going to the college they want but others are forced to attend a lower payed college. This college controversy is going to control this country by forcing young adults to schools they don’t like, due to tuition. We need to address it because if we neglect to notice this problem, they won’t get the education they want or deserve.

Despite free tuition cost one-third of students from the bottom income quartile who started school in 2003 finished a degree or certificate by 2009. According to the article by Chris Pumphrey “36% of college students start their own business as opposed to attending college, 21% of them start businesses due to unemployment” I think that this part of the article is very important because it shows us how many people fail at building businesses, because of college debt, and get stuck in even more debt. 14% of young adults delay marriage due to debt. Debt has also delayed young adults from buying a house by 40% and having babies by 20%. This affects america because college students need to get a good education that helps them pursue what they want to do in life to help america grow.

You could help fix your money problems by getting a scholarship or signing up for financial aid but that will only cover partial of your tuition. In addition to getting a scholarship or financial aid you could get offered a full ride to college but thats involves having an excellent GPA which most people don’t. Notice all the young adults in college are struggling because they don’t know how they're going to pay for college. You could lower college tuition or have more scholarships offered or available for minimum wage people.

In conclusion, college debt is one of the many problems happening in this country as opposed to gun violence and discrimination. I feel as though college tuition can be solved quicker than the others. We need to address this conflict, so america's next generation can thrive instead of fall and fail.

Sincerely, Cassidie Soto