Kayla W. California

Equality: Women and LGBT Rights

Women aren’t being treated equally. Gay and lesbians are committing suicide from bad treatment.

Hello President! Congratulations on winning the presidential election!

 Although I am very happy for you, I am here to talk about a great issue in our country. People that have different genders are not being treated as well than others. People that are also LGBT are not being treated as well as people who are heterosexual.

Women Rights:

Famous actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was recently in a famous movie called, “American Hustle.” During this movie, Jennifer Lawrence was one of the main characters and worked very hard on the set of this movie. Her male co-worker was being paid more than she was and Jennifer had a larger part than he did. The same this happened to another very famous actress, Amy Adams. Her co-worker, Bradley Cooper, was also being paid more than she was. This was on the set of the same exact movie, “American Hustle.” This shows that women in America aren’t being treated as equally as men are. As a 14 year old girl, I hope that when I start to work, I will be treated as fairly as my male co-worker. I want every girl in America to be happy to be working and not disappointed that they are a girl and that they don’t make as much as a male worker does.

    LGBT Rights: 

Many people who are LGBT are described as “disgusting” or “immoral.” It is found to be weird or gross to like someone who is the same gender as you are. I cannot relate to this because I am not homosexual, but I feel as though everyone should be treated equally. Many people who are homosexual suffer from major depression. There have been many jokes about people that are LGBT such as, “that’s so gay!” I have experienced this in my daily life at school. This makes me feel sorry for people who are LGBT. Many people who are LGBT are committing suicide. 2 to 6 people who are LGBT are more likely to commit suicide than people who aren’t. 19% to 29% of people who are LGBT experience some kind of dating violence in their lifetime. Many people in America are being killed because they are not being treated equally.

I know this is a lot of information and a lot to think about, but many people are dying and not getting rewarded for all of the hard work that they put into their job everyday.

 I know that many people in America are still going to look down on those who are a different gender than they are or they are not heterosexual like they are. Not every American is going to treat people equally, but we can still make a change. 

We can make sure that women are being paid as much as men are being paid. We can make sure that people who are homosexual have easier lives than they do now. We can make everyone’s lives easier and happier with your help.


Kayla W. 

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Zhebel - English 8

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