Ryan V. Nevada

Dear Future President,

Dear Future President...

Dear Future President, 

I dream of an America where equality is not a trigger word. 

I dream of an America where we no longer have to argue about pro life or pro choice. 

I dream of an America where police officers no longer walk on eggshells to do their job, and where the African American community feels as if they are targeted by law enforcement. 

I dream of an equal America. Where a child who was raised in the poorest part of town does not have to worry about how to pursue a higher education. 

I believe that we the people want to see our nation head in a different direction from where it is going now. Our nation is plagued with education, environmental, social, and economic problems which are slowly hammering away at "The American Dream." Make a change to at least one of the major issues that has been splitting this nation apart. Whether it be gun control, education, police brutality, the national debt, or any other issue going on. Veer this nation onto a better road, one where we can say "I'm proud to be an American." I hope you change America future president, in any way you see it needs to be changed. We only hope that it is the change we need.