Jarod S. California

Racism and the effect it is having on the presidential election

Everywhere you look these days all across the United States everyone is talking about racism and the election. How political correctness and the participation trophy has weakened America's youth.

Dear Future President,

Racism bubbling to the surface in American society.Racism is a huge problem still, all across America the election has brought up a lot of issues that have been buried for years.

Buried for years under a pile of political correctness, racism has reared its ugly head once again in America.Everywhere you look, TV, internet, and newspapers, headlines of racism, protests, and violence are rampant. It is hard to watch anything on TV these days without seeing terrible events daily. People across America seem so angry all the time.

Political correctness and the participation trophy has weakened America's youth.By just handing out trophies to everyone who shows up takes away from the accomplishments of the winners. Some people are naturally gifted in athletics and they don't get the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments. This I believe is an unrealistic way to look at society and creates adults that expect something for nothing.

People say that by giving out participation trophies spares the feelings of people that are not as physically gifted.Some people say that they like participation trophies because it makes others feel better about themselves.

In conclusion I believe that by being politically correct and handing out participation trophies has changed america for the worse. It denies accolades to the worthy athletically while giving false props to the unworthy. Smart kids get their rewards in the classroom, but for some kids especially inner city kids who only have athletics to lift them up this is terrible.

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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