Peter California

America's Crime And Security

Just a discussion on crime in America, some suggestions to combat increasing crime rates, and making America secure and safe.

Dear Next President,

An issue in America that requires attention is crime. From petty theft to murder, crime is a problem in the U.S. A lot of crime is driven by human nature in response to the government system they live under. There are factors to crime, such as the ownership of firearms, economic issues affecting workers, and humanly conflict. The simple answer to reduce criminal activity is to satisfy the citizens with fair laws and regulations. It’s true that it is easier said than done, but it’s a start. Personal security laws must be tighten, more jobs should become available. Theft and robbery is a cause of wanting something, but the inability to obtain it. Currency is used in exchange for goods, so people in turn need jobs to acquire what they need or want. Murder or physical crime, sure the economy is a part of that sort of crime, but the real source of these type of crimes are from human nature. What can be done is effectively settling disagreements between people through effective legal processes, such as court. Psychology is also connected to human nature, whether under the influence of a medications and drugs or it is simply how a person is, human nature is an obstacle blocking a secure country. At the very least, we need more competent police officers that serve for safety rather than monetary gain. We all hear and witness police brutality in this country, that is because of unstable police officers that lack a better judgement for high tension situations. Police officers should not be the ones committing crimes, corruption in the police force should be investigated every so often. Generally I speak of the safety and security within this country, the people need to be protected by their own. The government needs to reach mutual trust with the countrymen, otherwise people revolt and create chaos and crime. Really make America great.

Sincerely, Peter Pham