Van N. California

Gun Violence

We must stop gun violence, because many people get killed from guns.

Dear future president,

I hope you read my letter and will make a difference to the world because we will help you. I think that you will be honest and want the best things for the people in your country. That why I want to say with you that, I think the gun violence should be stop because in this year we have many gun violence happen in the U.S.A. and have too many people get killed. I think you know that we have over 1,500 shooting happen in the U.S.A. in this year and have over 11,446 people get killed in that. Just because of the gun violence, but it makes the people are get loss their family members, friends, and also their life. Not only these people we also have the death of many police officers, they are trying to protect the people of the country get out of the gun violence, but the got killed under the gun violence. They are just the victim of the guns violence.I talk about this because U.S.A. is in danger with gun violence that why it really important for the U.S.A. I think we need to stop people to use gun, buy or sale guns. And also check carefully when people are get on the airplane, bus or train.

          I hope the violence can be stopped soon, and I hope it will help the U.S have security. Thank you for reading my letter and congratulations. anyway I hope you do well with your job and bring many good things for U.S.A.