Zeke A. Texas


I am addressing that we should do something about terrorism

Dear Upcoming President,

I am Ezequiel Blue Arriaga from San Marcos, Texas and I am in the 8th grade at Goodnight middle school and I am here to talk about terrorism as for me i am terrified at just the fact that we could get bombed by some type of group like ISIS or Al Quaida and that you never know when it could happen. In my opinion I think we should not let any Muslims in our country it might seem cruel but just think about it,it’s their lives or our lives .We as America have been bombed and attacked many times by terrorist in Boston and New York and do you want that to happen again especially when your the following president?I think you should bump up the security and watch for Muslims or anyone to enter the country and hurt us.In conclusion i think America and the upcoming president should be more careful on terrorism!


Ezequiel Arriaga