Joseph s. Texas

LGBT community

Letter to the next president

 Dear future president,

Due to my read of an LGBT letter I have been inspired to to write one to you. And from that story I have collected information that might help support my reasoning to write one.

My first reason is that the LGBT community needs to respected, just because someone sexual orientation, or what gender they are is different from yours doesn't mean that you should harass them just because they are different from you. do see what I'm trying to say?the LGBT people need respect. Just try and imagine if the world was back words and most of the people in this world we’re LGBT (95%) and the rest of the world was straight (5%) could you imagine how the’d fell in that situation, and this brings me to my next reason.

And that is that some people don't know what it's like being LGBT. These people go through so much harassment and abuse and some time it can escalate into suicide. That's why I think it's important to know what they go through before you say or physically harm someone of a different orientation. And right now you might be think “and you would know this how?”,we'll maybe it's because I gone through that I've felt all the abuse a verbal pain like no one has ever has. And some people that haven't come out “as we would say” are scared to because they are scared of the consequences of being LGBT.

And finally my last reason is that we should be happy for that LGBT community because without them we would not have had some of the greatest clothes or makeup lines explode into are state. Just imagine if Kylie Jenner wasn't here we wouldn't have that wonderful Kylie cosmetics makeup. So many people would not have that wonderful popping lips Kylie has.

In conclusion we need to respect the LGBT community because they go through a lot. Next, we need to try to understand them because they don't choose to be this way they are born this way so it's hard to change. And last we need to be happy for them because they do a lot for are fashion and clothes designing.


Joseph Soto