Allison D. Kentucky


Immigration is good, but some is horrible for our country. Some say people should have guns for protection, but that is what some say, not everyone agrees.

Dear Future President,

I think immigration is important to the United States because illegal immigrants are coming to America and draining our resources. Of course, our country welcomes immigrants, like my mother, but if too many people flood into the country, our country will lose too much money and resources. Even though we already have several paths to citizenship, people still come into this country illegally and think it is okay to do so. My fear is that, many immigrants who cross the border illegally, could act like they are innocent people, but when in reality, they are terrorists and are learning our weak spots so they can attack. But, we have to be careful for who we arrest for being an illegal immigrant because you don’t want to have a bad reputation for arresting innocent people who didn’t do anything. I want my country to welcome immigrants (like my mother), but we need to keep away the terrorist immigrants that are trying to terrorize our country.

Another very important issue in the United States is gun control. This is important because some criminals go to jail but when they are released, they try to buy guns. In my opinion everyone who buys a gun should have a background check to see if they have been arrested for homicide. If they have they should have to be cleared by the government before being able to buy the gun. If we don’t do a background check, the person who wants to buy a gun could easily go and hurt someone else.

From, Allison D.


Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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