Angel Marie Z. Texas

Where is Our Voice??

My letter explains my opinion and why kids should have a say in the community.

Dear Future President,  

As a kid when it comes to our thoughts and feelings does anyone ever actually hear us or do they just push us to the side like nothing? Sadly most of the time we are pushed away to the side left unheard when we could have something worth wild. As I kid all I ever hear is “Oh it’s nothing, you don’t need to worry” or if I try to say something about a certain subject I get “No that's okay just let the adults handle it.” This isn't fair it shows us that we are nothing, and we should have a say in how we feel or whats going on around us. Most of the time adults think kids are clueless and we don't know what's going on, because we are to sucked into games or social media. However, we really do know what's going on. Social media informs us. It's not always just for fun for example when the Paris attacks happened I didn't know about it until I saw a post about it on Instagram. I can see everyone's different opinions on any sorts of subject, but when I try to bring it up with an adult I hear “just don't worry about it it's fine.” We need to make a change so that everyone’s opinions and thoughts can be heard. Just because we aren't a legal adult doesn't mean we don't have good ideas or thoughts. 


Angel Marie Z.