Corey S. Ohio

Everybody Is Equal.

In the world today there are many problems including poverty, racism, and terrorism. Racism is the big issue and needs to stop. People have been hurt mentally and physically because of racism and we need to stop this manner.

Dear Next President;

The United States is a wonderful country but there are many problems. Racism is the biggest issue and we need to put an end to it. There are many ways we can do this.

Racism is the belief that all people of each race has different characteristics or attributes to that certain race, and people think different races are superior than the other. People have been hurt mentally and physically and this absolutely needs to stop it is so inappropriate and uncalled for. This is important to me because I have known people have been involved in racism and it is just a terrible thing to judge people that way. There are many ways to stop racism, a couple of them are to promote the idea that everybody is equal, nobody is more powerful than the other person and we could also have events that celebrate all the different cultures.

Sadly, Studies have been shown that police are actually more likely to pull over and frisk latinos and blacks. In New York City, 80% of the people pulled over by the police that were either African American or Latino. In 2009 Latinos or African Americans were 21% more likely than whites to be sentenced to prison. As you can see an unfair amount of people were being pulled over and sentenced to jail. However, the white people's percentage was low compared to the others.

There are even more ways to put an end to racism weather it is at school, in public, or anywhere else you need to report it. If you are at school you can tell a teacher or someone who is in charge. You also can always talk to someone about it. We could also have assemblies at schools that show that everybody is equal and we are all the same.

We could also lay lays down that do not let people be racist. If people are being racist we can have a fine or something they have to. I believe that if we put down laws people will stop being racist and realize it is such a terrible thing. It does not have to be much of a punishment but if racism continues to get worse we need make the punishments more serious.

With all this information I gave you, I hope you consider my ideas and make them happen. Thank you for your time and have a great day.


Corey S.

Hudson Middle School

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