Yasmin Guerra Texas

For abortion? Um, no

Abortion is murder. Babies and fetuses are also human, treat them like it.

Dear future President,

   I cannot stress enough how much I disagree with abortions. Yes, most believe that a women has a right to choose whether or not to have her child, but aren't you listening to it? her child. I find it very in human of us to kill and murder small innocent children and fetus'. a baby is a human, they're alive, no different than you and I. 

The federal law makes it legal to abort babies up to the ninth month. This act is cruel... it is murder. What people are trying to get rid of is a living person. The reasons behind these abortions are due to health issues or if  a women was a rape victim and became pregnant. Other reasons behind these acts are because women simply don't want it or feel like they are not ready to have it. If you are a woman and not ready for kids, do not risk it! The child should not be punished by such a cruel act, give the baby up for adoption, where he or she has a chance at life. 

Nearly one million abortions happen annually in the U.S, killing 13,000 children every year. A pill for abortion has been approved for access recently. So future president of the United States, please consider the following, don't let us murder so many innocent lives.


Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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