Claire H. Pennsylvania

Foreign Policy

I hope that the next president can work to prevent radical Islamic terrorism in our country.

Dear Future President,

As president one of the first actions that should be taken that involves foreign affairs is to fight against radical Islamic terrorists. They have continued to attack our country and many others and is becoming a worldwide concern.

Would you, as president, increase the amount of troops to help combat ISIS? It would be a hard decision to jeopardize more lives in this fight but we have to stop these attacks.

There should be more caution for those entering the states from other countries and more security to detect threats, there should not be exclusions of certain people or races and ethnicities to establish themselves within the U.S. As president it should be your job to welcome all people that want to work and better themselves.

In conclusion, ISIS is gaining more followers and continues to pose a very large threat to the innocent people of our country. They need to be stopped to help America regain its piece of mind as well as a safer place for future generations.

Respectfully yours,

Claire Hackenberg

Elizabethtown Area High School

2016 Fall Honors World History

A collection of questions, lessons learned, and pressing thoughts from my 2016 Fall Honors World History students at Elizabethtown Area High School to the next President of the United States on the topic of foreign policy and pressing international issues

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