Lloyd B. Texas


I'm addressing the issue of racism starting with the topic of sexism and segregation between different races.

Dear Next President,

I am Lloyd Broadnax Jr. from San Marcos Texas and this is my letter to the next president. The topic I wanted to talk about is racism. It may seem like racism may have abolished since back then, but it is still going on all around the world. There is many types of racism in my point of view and that starts with sexism, straight up racism about other races, and apart of racism that may lead to segregation between different races. Mr. Trump, if you become president, don’t be so racist to different cultures. One thing I am talking about was in one of your speeches where you said that you are going to build a wall on the Mexican/U.S. border, and instead of us just paying for it, you’re going to force the Mexican’s to pay for that wall that you wanted to build. And Mrs. Hilary, if you become president, don’t always bring things back up from the past that was against the woman, for example how the woman weren’t able to vote. You shouldn’t include things from the past into a speech in this present time. Also Mrs. Hilary, just because you are a woman, that doesn’t mean to put everything back up against the men just because what the men did to the woman back then. I just wanted to get this out there to everyone to let them know what problems are starting to occur again that was gone for a very long time.

Sincerely, Lloyd Broadnax Jr.