Hayden J. Ohio

Defense from the Devils

Why should the government take away our guns? Anti-gun laws want stop the bloodshed of terrorists, and neither will opening the border. Terrorists will stop at nothing to kill us Americans, us Christians, and everyone and anyone that doesn't follow the same religion as them.

Dear Next President:

It is up to you to solve the many problems of today that this country has to face and I would like to offer you solutions for some of these situations. These very problems are important for the survival of this country, this world, and our children and future generations to come. The way you solve these problems is going to affect our future very dearly, especially mine due to me being an eighth grader. Every passing day until these situations are solved they grow increasingly dangerous and vital to this country. Everyone in the world will be affected if we don’t stand up and do something, we have to unite and put aside our differences to face the problems of the world.

The most important problem in our country is upholding the 2nd amendment. We need the 2nd amendment and guns to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government and terrorists who want to cause mayhem in the United States. The government today is becoming a tyranny and is even taking away more land from the Native Americans, trying to control our health care, schools, banks, and our religions which completely violates our laws like religious freedom. In addition, it is our right as human beings to defend ourselves against other humans who wish to do us and our loved ones harm. We have the right to defend our homes against invaders and we have right to defend ourselves against terrorism which is already in our country. Even God knew his Archangels couldn’t fight a war without weapons, so what makes our government think I can defend myself with nothing. Banning guns would leave us defenseless against the illegal guns flowing into our country.

Another Important problem is Terrorism because Terrorist groups like Isis, Taliban, and Al Qaeda all want to kill anyone who wasn’t born Muslim and specifically target Christians and Americans too. The fact that these savages are plotting to kill me and everyone I love for no reason keeps me up at night. The fact that our government has been giving them money and deadly weapons sickens me and you need to stop it. These extremists are targeting innocent countries all around the world like France, Italy, the United States, etc, and we have to stop them at all costs. These radical extremists are plotting to destroy America and all we do is target and kill their top leaders while there are thousands more under those leaders standing in the background to take their place.The radical and ravenous extremist muslims don’t want to live in peace with us, as they seek revenge against us. They want us dead. There is no negotiating with this type of radicalism. Just killing the top leaders of the groups isn’t going to do anything, we have to destroy all of ISIS, all of the Taliban, all of them.

Another Important problem is border control and making sure no one can get in illegally. If we open the borders, people will be pouring into this country. Our taxes will continue to go to non-Americans to help feed and clothe them along with paying for their healthcare. There are plenty of Americans who need our help first. Opening the border would let anyone in which means when terrorists come in and we can't track them down there is going to be mass casualties from attacks done by terrorists.Open border would prevent us from being able to track who comes into this country such as sick and diseased people, criminals, and even terrorists. Anyone should be allowed in as long as they abide by our laws, are vaccinated, pay taxes, and come legally. We don’t have the money to pay for a wall or the manpower to track down every single illegal immigrant currently here, but we do have the military to control the borders and stop drug trafficking. It’s time to utilise the strength of our military.

Out of the many important problems we have to face today, I believe upholding our second amendment rights, fighting terrorism, and border control, should be your priority while in office. Take my advice and go save this country; go save our humanity; go save the world Mr./Mrs. President.



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