Mikayla Colorado

We Are Melting...

Measures need to be taken to fix our changing climate.

Dear Future President,

There are 7.125 billion people in this world. When you become president you will be the leader of 318.9 million of those people. All of us, no matter where we live want to be able to live in a world that is clean and harm free. Climate change is a very real problem in our world today. If we do not do something about it now there will be bigger issues in the world later. A president goes down in history with the legacy he left behind. Let your name be put on saving the earth now rather than someone having to fix our messes later. We are constantly doing things that are destroying our earth like using fossil fuels. We are polluting our earth so much that it will become worse of an issue later.

According to NASA our climate has risen 1.7°F since the 1880’s. It also says that 9/10 of our warmest years on record have been since the year 2000. If we continue on this path it is estimated by the EPA that the average temperature will rise 0.5 - 8.6° over the next 100 years. That is a substantial increase considering we are only developing more ways to pollute our earth.We are constantly driving cars, using energy and destroying our earth. This change in our climate wouldn't just hurt us either. It would destroy any chance of plant growth or animals. Specifically ones that live in cold climates. The ice is melting and it is making animals be on the verge of extinction already. If the temperature keeps rising these animals will cease to exist naturally. Our climate changing will also create worse hurricanes, droughts, and any other natural disaster you can think of.

What we can do to fix this issue is focus more of our energy and resources into alternative energy sources. The potential of wind, water and solar energies hasn't even been tapped into yet. Instead of fracking and destroying our earth farther, we need to do something that will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and can help keep this issue at bay until we find a permanent solution.

If we can do that much damage just by using energy over these past years imagine what we will do later. We are destroying this earth. The one that we have to live on and everyone that comes after us. If we don't start doing something now and be held responsible for our actions our earth will be destroyed faster than we can think about. So, I encourage you future president to do something about this issue before it is too late.



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