Nicolle Colorado

College tuition cost

College tuition is intensively rising and the price is becoming too high

Dear Madam/Mr. President:

In the country we are facing many problems at the moment, some would argue that the war in Iraq is far more important, but many would say that we need to focus on what is going on in our country, but for the next generation,-the generation who’s going to vote for the next president,who’s going to want to build a family, a generation where they want to be educated and have the best for their families etc. College tuition cost is most important. I know many people can’t afford to go to get educated and fear that if they attend to college they'll own too much money. It has been affecting all of us who want to pursue a higher education.

College is expensive for everyone. The average medium family struggles to send their kids to study. According to the New York Times,A four year university is currently standing at about $1.3 trillion, that’s a lot of money. According to the New York Times, some schools are costing around 50,000 dollars. That’s approximately ¼ the amount of the average house payment. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to receive an education and to be someone in this world. It's so expensive that they don’t get a choice than to drop out.Education should not be paid; it should be a gift from the government and should be free for all. If a country has more population with education, then the country will prosper more and generate more income, because people have something to contribute to the country with their knowledge and their proficiency, which means having a lower unemployment rate. Some countries already have free college to their residents like France,Germany, Norway etc.

Although this issue has been rising up by the years go by many of us would like for it to be improved and in order to make that happen, you have the power to so, by increasing federal aid which will decrease the pricing of college for students overall.College is an important factor in the creation and the building of peoples future,and therefore I believe the total cost for college should be lowered.It would be greatly appreciated by many young Americans.



Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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