Samuel H. Colorado


Classrooms need to change, in more ways than one.

Dear Future President

Education seems to be a running problem in our society today, whether it be students dropping out, not having enough money to pay for college, or people not getting the correct education that they need. It seems as if there is a need of change in classrooms today, everything else in the world is changing, from buildings to cars; however classrooms have seemed to stay the same for a long time. Education should have a bit more attention directed towards it, after all it is shaping the future of the United States. 

Classrooms should be improved and innovated, rather than just keeping the same teacher student layout. There should be classrooms without a teacher for those dedicated students who need silence to focus, and who are always ahead of the class. There should also be classrooms with more teachers to help out with students who are having trouble progressing, some students may not like the teaching style of one teacher, so having another one may help. Classrooms should have ways to get work early and get ahead of the class so there isn't any stress for an upcoming essay that week.

Every student in the world works differently and that needs to be noticed, because if we don't notice it soon enough, the people of the future might not be as smart as the people in the present. If a student has the right teaching environment, and are encouraged along the way, they will have a higher chance of succeeding. On the other hand, if classrooms and teachers stay the way they are now, most students aren't going to get the education they need to succeed in the world.

Another thing that would help this problem is teachers having a higher salary. Teachers have quite a small salary considering that they are teaching the people who will forge our future. If we increase teachers salary, it will increase their work ethic, and that will also cause a students to have a higher success rate.

In the end, students and teachers should hold higher value than they do today, they are the ones forging our future, and people need to recognize that.


        Samuel H.