Tiaira F. California


No one should take away a women's right to choose.

Dear Future President,

My name is Tiaira I am a sophomore in high school in Berkeley, CA. I'm concerned about women's right to choose to have an abortion. I am concerned because our new "president" Donald Trump says " women should be punished for having an abortion." though, he is not a woman and does not have control over anyone's body but his own.

Telling a woman to not have an abortion is like telling a bird to not fly. Women are free to do as they please, as a bird. Woman are not robots or slaves to follow any rules any person says. Woman already live in a patriarchy society. Now the one thing they have power over, themselves, is being ripped away from them. In certain cases abortion can be the only option, which is totally fine, and in some cases the best best option, which is also fine.

Pro-Choice is the slogan, choice is about who gets to make the decision, a choice on if that woman is ready for the commitment of another life to take care of. Not anyone in this world is 100% perfect, everyone will have challenges in life that they have to face. it is up to that person how they wan to go about it rather society agrees or not, it is their choice and that right should not be taken away.


Tiaira F.