Lily T.

Abortion Stops A Beating Heart

Many lives are killed everyday through abortion and we need to stop the menace.

13 December 2016

Dear Mr. President-elect Trump,

When it comes to the issue of pro-life and pro-choice I can see why you’d pick either sideeq; personally, I’m pro-life. I understand that sometimes women might get pregnant by force when they have their whole life planned, so the only thing left is to get an abortion and maybe there should be an exception for that, however if a person is having consensual sex, then they should be responsible for the outcome in the first place, and should not go straight to abortion as their first choice for alleviating their problem. I believe that a fetus is a human person, therefore, abortion is nothing less than murder. Instead of killing an unborn child, I am in favor of bringing the baby to term and giving it to another through adoption. This is a more humane way of cherishing life. Yes women should have rights to do what they want with their body, but what about human rights?

When I think of the estimated 848,163 children who were aborted in the year I was born, I am grateful that my mother brought me to term and raised me.

Killing an unborn child not only decreases our population but it’s executing future men and women who could be one of the next presidents just like you; you’re letting this happen and allowing parents to kill thousands of opportunities for those babies. It’s definitely unfair. America does have women’s rights and they have rights over their bodies but they shouldn’t have the right to kill another person, even if that person is in their womb.

Abortion has been illegal in the United States since the earliest settlers showed up till the Supreme court when Roe v. Wade made it legal on January 22, 1973 in Texas and later on individually for other states. We can make it illegal again with the exception of those who were raped and/or in those rare instances where the mother’s life is at risk due to medical complications. Think of all the lives you’d be rescuing. My future president, I would implore you to save futures generations of American citizens. Because you are the one who can appoint conservative supreme court judges to make a law and bring the past back, you did say you wanted to make america “great again,” here’s one way to get yourself a step farther.


Lily Thomas