Christian P. Texas

Cyber Terror

Wrote about what we should do to take action against cyber terror.

Dear President,

Today our country faces many challenges. One major issue is cyber terror. Today, cyber terror causes consumers’ information to be stolen, companies to be crippled, and government secrets leaked. In its wake leaves many people angry, concerned, and totally confused.

Consumers information has been stolen through personal cyber hacks and through companies. Today, consumers’ information is at high risk. During company hacks, consumers’ credit card info has been stolen leaving them with no money and possibly broke. The hacks of Yahoo, Target, and other big chains has left millions of people with credit card fraud. Yahoo, Target, and Ebay hacks have affected more than 715 million consumers.

Companies should also be focused upon also. About 13 million dollars worth of cyber damage has been done upon utility companies and 8.5 million against technology industries. The hacks focused in this country have damaged our economy and had thousands of workers to quit their jobs. Multiple hacks including AOL have left companies like that crippled for the rest of the companies span. Large Hacks such as the Target hack leaves a black mark on such companies records and encourages people to not buy from them.

Government hacks are also a major issue with cyber terror. In 2015, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hacked leaking security clearances and ID’s costing the government thousands in replacement costs of clearances and updating of systems. That hack affected 21.5 million people. The hacks of government officials leaked many classified documents and other records and plans.

In conclusion, many hacks have been affecting the country and we need to take action. We need to require companies to have secure systems and update government cyber security systems to prevent these hacks. Even though it is expensive it is worth it for our economy, consumers, and our government to ensure security and the happiest lives for our citizens.


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