Matthew L. Texas

Syrian Refuegees

To build agreater economy and safer country we can not let Syrian refueges in.

Dear future President,

I have a concern for immigrants coming from Syria into the United States of America. The worry is letting random people enter the U.S. and we know nothing about them. This is unsafe and wasting taxpayer money on people who haven't contributed anything to this country.

Right now the United States of America is allowing Syrian refugees to come to America. This is very dangerous because we have no way to find out information about the immigrants coming to the U.S.. Terrorist live in or around Syria and could easily act as a refugees and get into America undetected. The refugees will only make the economy worse than it already is. Refuges do not pay any taxes when they come to America. When they come to the U.S. an extreme amount of money is required to take care of them. Funds are used for transportation to get refuges here. The government also pays for housing, food and their education. There is no benefit of having refugees come into America. This is also unfair to taxpayers as they pay for something that does not help them or our country.

Overall there is no benefit of having refugees come into America. It's unfair to taxpayers to pay to be burdened with the expense of someone else's cost of living. It is also dangerous to not know their background. It's not safe and risks the lives of every American.


Matthew L.