Hunter T. Georgia

Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime is a huge issue with almost nothing being done about it.

Dear Future President,

As you may know we are in the midst of a revolution. Although, this revolution doesn’t use a single gun it is all digital. For we are in the digital revolution, everything tech is constantly evolving. With this constant urge to progress and advance some things aren’t always perfected and one of those un- perfected things is cyber protection. Cyber-crime is a huge issue with almost nothing being done about it. We need to protect the people from themselves through cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes are crimes that have been committed via the internet. The access ability of the internet allows everyday people to commit large crimes like identity theft and improperly accessing computers, networks, or systems all from the comfort of their home. This ability to be able to commit serious crimes against major companies after only a few google searches. Also the internet grants access to a plethora of drugs, hit men, or live torcher session; all of these huge things with little being done.

I am proposing a quite easy way to fix this. We need more police division to focus on the ever-growing problem the Internet proposes. If the government focuses more of their money spent on police force on their technological departments then the justice might be able to catch up with technology.

Some may say that everything you do on the Internet can be tracked but they couldn’t be further from the truth. As stated by “you cannot be tracked or monitored by anyone basically learn how hacker’s remove traces from their computer”. Not only that but the government preformed tests on how susceptible cars are to hacking and found that they were able to get in control everything in the car and then remove all traces of it being hacked. Though there is something being done about this for there are a bunch of new jobs in cyber forensics but soon there may be more need for cyber forensics rather than normal forensics.

Mr. or Madam president I want you to imagine a world in which you are unable to use the Internet or technology at all in fear of loosing everything you have or your life. This world will be ours if you do nothing to prevent the hackers in the world from making the future their desire. Do you want to go down in history as the president who lost to the hackers or will you be the president who stopped the hackers. Its all up to you now.

Thank you for consideration,