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Mandatory Recycling in the United States

Recycling should be mandatory in the United States because it allows every person to do their part to protect the world.

Dear Future President,

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. It addresses a very important issue in this world.

First of all, what is your viewpoint on recycling? Do you think that mandatory recycling will positively change the Earth more than volunteerism? Recycling, as you know, is when waste is converted into reusable material. It allows us to reuse old mediums, instead of throwing them away. Recovering materials helps slow down global warming, save the Earth’s resources, let us be one with the Earth, and learn about how to protect the environment. Reprocessing old materials is an excellent way to not only show that we are thinking about others, but also ensure the Earth is around for future generations to come. This is why I would like to propose that the United States makes recycling mandatory.

Recycling helps slow down global warming, as well as save our resources. Almost half of Earth’s forests have been slaughtered, and up to 95 percent of original forests have been destroyed. Trees take in carbon dioxide through their leaves and release excess gases back into the atmosphere. As trees disappear, the amount of carbon dioxide increases and the amount of oxygen, created by trees, decreases. Without oxygen, living organisms cannot survive. Reprocessed materials also reduce the amount of natural resources used per year. Because natural resources take a long period of time to replenish, this would save resources for the next generations. Instead of using everything in a short period of time, it is better to think of the consequences of not reusing materials.

Another large problem with not recycling is global warming. Global warming has led to the slow decrease of some animals. Do you want to speed up global warming by neglecting these creatures and not recycling? As global warming becomes a bigger problem, the importance of reprocessing materials shines even brighter. Recovering old materials and changing them into new substances helps save supplies and slow down the increase in temperature caused by global warming.

Recycling also lets us be one with the Earth and learn how to protect our environment. Making things from already refined waste materials reduces the need for manufacturers to use toxic chemicals, which are bad for the environment. If people know this, the amount of toxic wastes in the atmosphere may decrease. Another example would be the industrial process. The most water-intensive industrial process in the United States is when people turn trees into paper. Paper recycling mills usually use less water and they don’t pollute the water as much. Making sure people are informed helps ensure that they will make educated decisions when living their lives. Landfills, for example have toxic pollution, such as cyanide, dioxins, mercury, methane, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and lead. This escapes into the air and leaches into groundwater. Some communities have started recycling programs to reduce the amount of landfills. While filling landfills is quicker and easier than reprocessing materials, they bring negative impacts to the Earth. When you recycle, you are helping make the world a better place for the people all around you. You are showing that you care about the planet and that you are doing your part to keep the world clean.

Some people say that recycling is too hard to reinforce and isn’t cost-effective short-term, making it easier for people to just volunteer to recycle. However, if everyone recycles and thinks about the environment, no one will have to reinforce the recycling! Everyone will be motivated to recycle because it is a simple way to protect the world. There would be a special force of people that confirms that everyone is recycling, which would also create jobs. While recycling isn’t cost-effective short-term, it is better to think about the living creatures around you. Instead of acting based on what will affect you, present-day, you should act for the better of the future, as well as what is better for the Earth.

Recycling should be mandatory in the United States because it of the many positive influences it brings. It slows down global warming, helps us save our resources, and learn about our environment, among other things. Recycling lets every person, no matter how small, be one with the Earth. It allows every person to do their part to protect the world and leave a lasting impact.

Once again thank you for reading this letter. I hope you decide to address this issue upon your inauguration.

Myra Stickney

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