Akshata Badrayani Texas

Gender Pay Gap

Women need to be paid the same as men.

Dear Future President,

Thank you for devoting your time to read this. It will address a very important issue.I would like to bring your attention to an important question which has been fazed by women. Why is it that women are paid less than men? Why do men get the spotlight of the major production? Men get the leading roles that earn more money, while the women are like the side characters, and they work the same hours, but they earn less money. Future President, gender pay gap is an increasing issue in this world, and it needs to end. Women need to be paid the same amount of money as men.

These ladies, young and old, are not given the respect and money that they deserve. Do we want our women, daughters and wives, to be treated differently? No, we want them to be treated equally. Do they deserve this injustice? Women have fought for their rights for many years and they deserve equal pay for equal work.They shouldn't be the Parvati Patil of ‘Harry Potter’, they shouldn’t be a minor character. In fact, women make up half the world’s workforce. According to a quote , “A new fad this year is to fight for what you believe in. One which is particularly important is equality. However we do not listen to what we preach. We say that we all have equal rights, equal opportunities, but now women are being discriminated because of their gender. Our constitution is contradicting itself. Yeah, all of us are equal… Except women. Women should get paid same as men, end of story.” It is said that on average, women receive more graduate and college degrees than men. Plus, 4 out of 10 American families women are the main earners. Women earn 77% of men's wages, which is after you calculate the age, race, hours, and education. It's clear that even when women study and work next to men, they get payed less. Just because women occasionally go on maternity leave doesn't mean that they are not valuable workers to their workplace. However, it doesn’t, in any case, mean that they should be paid less.

Women strive to work just as hard as men, and they devote the same amount of time and energy. Yet, they are treated like Alice’s Sister from Alice in wonderland. For example, Beyonce has said, “..But unless women and men both say the gender pay gap is unacceptable, things will not change. Men have to demand that their wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters earn more—commensurate with their qualifications and not their gender. Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect.” Women should not be treated as minorities or people/characters that are not important. If a woman gets a degree, becomes an expert in their career choice and they perform the job well, then they deserve to be paid the same as their male counterparts. Woman should not have to work 60 extra days (about 3 months) to earn what men have earned.

Some people think that women should not have to be paid the same as men. They think that women should stay home to take care of their families. For example, a recent quote , “ Men can do a better, more efficient job than women, and the way our economy is set up, we can't afford to raise the pay of millions of female workers. Besides the fact of our dying economy, many women have a family to look after, and should concentrate on teaching their children moral values and how to live successfully when the children leave home. We should be encouraging mothers to nurture their children (yes, even teenagers need help sometimes) to become respectable citizens who can look after themselves and keep teaching the good ol' fashioned values of traditional ways. Ladies and gentlemen, if we don't encourage mothers to stay home and care for it, who will?” Women have fought for their rights (voting, etc.), and now they have those rights, so depriving them of their right of being paid the same pay as men is wrong. We are living in modern times, so the ideology of “mothers staying home to take care of the kids” is past. Women are now capable of working the same amount of time for the same money. According to a survey, the percentage of women graduating college and being successful has increased to a 65%. In conclusion, women don’t need to “stay home and take care of the kids”, they need to work, and earn the same salary as men. We live in modern times, with technology and more advanced things. Women are still able to devote time to their kids even if they are working.

Mr(s). President, as you begin to accept the duties of the president and get inaugurated, I suggest that you should address this issue on priority. I promise that it is worth your time. Women need to be paid salary the same as men.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your duties to read this essay, and I hope you understand the enormity and importance of this issue.

Thank you,

Akshata Badrayani

8th grade

Cedar Valley Middle School

Austin, Texas


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