Seth R. Pennsylvania

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology is very useful in society today, but is it helping us more that it is hurting us?

Dear Future President,

As you know, technology is a big topic in today’s society. I think we can all agree that technologies such as the internet, are very useful to us as human beings living in today's society. But, technology can also be used as a negative things, such as being cyber bullied , and hacking into the government to try and attack us as a nation.

As I said, technology can be used for many good things. It gives us the ability to do things that have not been done before, such as share ideas and information quickly, learn about new subjects and issues faster. So many people have benefited from the growth of technology over the past few years. Sadly, many have also been hurt from the amount of technology used.

Cyberbullying has become a bigger issue in our society for teens. 43% of kids are bullied online and 25% of the people have said it happened more than once to them. We teens are the future of America. If we are continuously bullied, our futures are not going to be as good as people that are not bullied on a daily basis. One of the biggest problems with cyberbullying is that teens tend not to tell someone that others are bullying them. They need to start speaking up or else the bullying will just continue on and on.

Hacking into other people’s personal accounts to try and frame someone to intentionally to harm someone in a mean and hurtful way has also become a rising issue. Hackers are harming the United states by making them pay at least 250 billion dollars a year, leaving the US with less money to defend against these attacks. With the rise of technology, hackers can use this to easily stay anonymous while harming either the governments or someone's personal data. One possible way to solve this is by having designated people or groups periodically checking to make sure that everything is safe and secure with the internet.

Technology is a great tool to have in everyday life. But, if we are not careful, it will quickly be the end to our society. If we do not take a stand and make stand against the growing threat, things could get a lot worse for our country.