Brandon California

Problem in Syria

Syria and the refugee crisis is a big problem now in the United States and the next president needs to solve this issue.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President of the United States,

Prepare the nukes for the second Cold War. One of the biggest issues right now is the current war in Syria and the proxy war that is causing many civilians to be brutally murdered by air strikes and more. After the deadly Syrian civil war, the sides have been split into three groups: the Al Assad government, the rebels and the jihadists or ISIS. The proxy war is fueled when the United States started supporting the rebels and Russia started supporting the Assad Regime while ISIS is attacking both sides.

The report by the Syrian Center for Policy Research has determined more than 470,000 Syrians have died as a result of the war while the United Nations have identified nearly 13.5 million Syrian refugees are in need of humanitarian assistance. Recently, Merkel declared that Germany will no longer accept any refugees and many European Union countries have also turned a blind eye. Although the refugee crisis is a big crisis, the root of the problem is Syria.

Sir or Madam, the first problem that needs to be addressed is that failure of the ceasefire, negotiated by John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov. According to Al-Masdar News, the ceasefire was violated 40 times in 24 hours. There must be a plan that must be implemented by both nations, this would be easier if it is monitored by a third source, maybe the United Nations. The United States and Russia must concentrate first to fight ISIS rather then fighting their counterparts. After creating a successful ceasefire, all efforts will be to stop ISIS from growing stronger. I know Putin can sometimes be hard to deal with, just be the bigger man or woman and solve the issue that really matters: saving innocent children and civilians.

After teaming up with Russia to fight ISIS, there must be another deal that will take place between the Al Assad Regime and the Rebels. Although Bashar Al Assad has committed war crimes by using chemical weapons towards his own civilians, Russia is supporting the regime so there is nothing to do to try to change their minds. Instead, you need to think about how will Al Assad come to terms with the rebels. This could mean creating two states in Syria or creating ground rules between the regime and the rebels. If Bashar Al Assad does not agree in this (a high chance), then you must solve the issue by staging a coup or ultimately assassinating Bashar Al Assad secretly (just make sure no one knows and make it successful). After Bashar Al Assad is gone, you must make the person in charge be in favor of the United States and creating a peaceful country. The refugees will be back in Syria and there will no longer be a civil war.

This is a long and complicated journey but one that must take place before many other innocent civilians are killed in this war. I wish you the best of luck.

Yours truly,


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