Dax F. Missouri

ISIS Should Be Stopped

ISIS is responsible for far too many terrorist attacks and human rights violations, and must be halted.

Dear President

ISIS has only done evil. Pillages, oppression, regression, warfare. ISIS has demonstrated itself as no better than even the Nazi regime. Rapes, extortion, executions, ISIS is one of the worst things to happen in this world, and allowing it to continue working is on par with condemning those residents to a kind of hell. Everything must be done to remove this horrific organization.

Outside of the Middle East, ISIS has caused, rather directly or indirectly the mass murder of hundreds of Europeans, and has undoubtedly made numerous attempts to attack the United States. If ISIS is allowed to encourage citizens in other nations with such results, then the power of ISIS must be addressed. I believe the US should send our forces to combat those militants fighting for an organization inherently inhumane, and in contradiction with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ISIS’s atrocities, violations of human rights, and terrorist attacks in Europe, North Africa, and neighboring nations absolutely justify stronger military action.

Mr./Mrs. President, I plead you to not let these atrocities continue.