Benjamin K. Illinois


Terrorism and how it is ripping the world apart by the second.

Dear future president, have you ever thought about how many people have been killed in the terror attacks in the past year? Well there have been over 15,000 deaths from terrorist attacks in the past year, like San Bernardino, Paris, Nice, Brussels, all of these have developed into hasty and miserable attacks, and the only way to end it, is to fight back. I Remember being in my living room watching the cubs game and seeing the news broadcast about how Isis had attacked Paris’s soccer game. It was scary, I felt this feeling like nobody should have to go through it, and it's scary for them and for us. I want our upcoming president to do something about isis not just sit there and talk about doing something. It is incredibly important for us to defeat this for us and the world abroad.

More than 15,000 people are killed in terrorist attack a year, that is one incredibly scary average. This should not be happening, if people are coming into our country and killing our people, that should not be okay. 15,000 is a big number, especially when we are talking about our people. Isis has attacked many different places in the world in the past year, like San Bernardino, the Middle East, Paris, Nice, and Brussels. In order to take down Isis, we must up our security so that we can try to catch these people in their tracks, If we could do that on a consistent basis, we could potentially take them down. It’s not just us that are getting a face full of terrorism, The middle east seems to be getting just as much, or even more. According to huffington post, altogether, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq have had over 8 thousand attacks just in 2015. That is absolutely insane, Isis seems to keep on growing by the second, That is why if we do not stop them now, we might not ever. That is why this is so important, we must stop them now. When you have this kind of issue, where at least 15,000 people are killed a year from, terror attacks, it must be taken seriously, it must be taken as an extreme issue. And when I see this, it’s scary, and I almost never know when the next one will come. That is why we also need to strengthen our homeland security department, we made it for that specific reason, to insure domestic tranquility, as it says in the preamble.

Future president, I hope that you can make the US a safe place to live, and also help our allies out also it their times of terror, and most of all, keep all our citizens safe from this horrible effect that we have to face. I believe that you can take this issue to a halt, and once again, keep us all safe, which should be a big priority. This is one of the biggest issues that America is facing right now, and that makes it so much more important to the citizens of the US. You as president can do two things, expand our security so we can see it coming and make cities more secure, and you can establish a better homeland security record, so all citizens are safe in their homes. This will not only make our nation a better place to live, but it will make our overall society better than what it is right now.


Benjamin Kane

Gurrie Middle School

3-4 LaBud ELA

3-4 LaBud ELA

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