jose California

letter to future president

Will there be new immigration laws

Dear Mr. President,

I am a Hispanic citizen of the United States. I will be voting In the next election. My concern about our country is the immigration laws. During your campaign you have mentioned many ideas for immigration laws that have concerned me and many other Hispanics. I would like to discuss this topic with you because your decision may affect most of my communities population.

The problem that may affect my community is deportation. You have mentioned deporting illegal immigrants back to their native countries. This is a major problem to my city and community because most of my cities population is Hispanic. One of my really close friends father was deported a couple months ago and his family is having a lot of trouble. Deportation will affect the population of the city as it will go down majorly. If the population goes down due to deportation of illegal immigrants, there will be many loss of jobs and evacuations of homes. If this does happen then businesses will go down due to no employment. Most of these immigrants have been here for years already and have made their lives here in the United States. I strongly recommend coming up with an immigration law that can actually satisfy the people.


Jose C