Saul p. California

A stop to deportation

Do you really want to live in a society where there are no Blacks allowed, no Mexicans, no other race except for Whites.

Deportation is not a solution to any government problem. Little do they notice that they are deporting innocent humans most of the time. The concept of Mexicans entering the U.S. illegally is mainly for a better life, good work, better pay, but, most importantly, for a better future for their children. The adults that immigrate to the U.S. want better life. Why is it that how immigrants are treated is stereotypical? Just because of our nationality we are labeled on how we act, dress, what we do for a living etc. STOP! It is not a game for one to separate families, too! Perhaps they are the only ones who is employed at the moment. He or she is responsible for bringing the money home to his or her family, to put food on the table. Is that a crime? To enter a country illegally in search for a better job? A better life? A better it? Families are being destroyed and children are being scarred FOR LIFE! Comprehend that when parents are being deported, the children are the ones suffering! Sent to foster homes and starting a new life with a bunch of strangers. Stop separating innocent families. Little do we know and see how much damage we are causing to those losing a loved one.