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Dear future President,

I am going to address some problems I find crucial to saving our families and country. The act of letting refugees into our country to give them protection and safe homes terrifies me. With this upcoming election, Hillary wants to let these refugees into our country with open arms. Donald trump wants to deport anyone who isn't a legal citizen to help with jobs and income for lower class families. I have been researching the problems with terrorism and security and i have found some facts that some people might scan over and not acknowledge them.

1 out of 3 of the refugees we let into this country are working for Islamic nation and are willing to risk their lives for their religion. “Back in 1988 there were only 3 terrorism groups and in 2013 there are 49+ terrorist groups”- says Luisa Beyer at We need to do something about it cause the terrorism groups aren't on the track to slowing down, they are on the growing stretch because all the nations are scared of what they can do. Jihads have multiple ways of motivation, like wanting to belong to a religion, achieve recognition, experience adventure, vent frustration, and their strong religious beliefs say the Islamic state makes it a law that all muslim men must defend it. That to me sounds like its goes deeper than we actually think it does, so banning them for entering the United States could drastically drop the terror rate in the U.S, Although it's “unconstitutional” we shouldn't let any refugees into our country, because people feel less secure in their homes, causes debt from damage, and it also harms or families and our national security.

Supporters to having an open country say “it's unconstitutional to not let them into our country.” But i disagree it can't be unconstitutional to someone who isn't legal in our country and in our system. Is it unconstitutional to ban muslims from entering our country? According to Lyle denniston- “no it's not unconstitutional to ban muslims or refugees from entering our country, we have full control on who can enter and who can't.” With proper screening to the refugees or muslims we let into our country. Which is crucial to our flight and overseas system that can be targeted by terrorists. I believe with proper screening we can rule out the sneaky islamic terrorists groups from the serious working men and women. Each refugee or somebody coming from the islamic state must go through these screening checks : “they must get identifying documents, personal assessments, biographic security checks, fingerprints, interviews which screen for bad acting,medical screening, religious orientation, and anyone who's passes these screening steps are allowed to get their green card to become a U.S. citizen.” - Amy Pope with homeland security. Even children coming for the middle east are helping the state of islam, which is kinda hard to screen a child that can pretty much go anywhere unsupervised and not raise any suspicion. Jihad and the Islamic nation want to fight until all non-muslims convert to islam, which sounds like a threat and a problem that needs to be addressed. Governor Nikki Haley asked, “if we can about these Syrian refugees so much, why don't we take the resources they need to Syria, instead of bring thousands or hundreds of thousands of refugees into our country?” i completely agree with that statement because they are still getting U.S support but without the conflict of bringing them into our country which can fork into terror or crime. According to James Jay Carafano and John B. Quigley “clearly, our strategy to defeating the islamic State - such as it is- has been insufficient.” with these “insufficient” tactics give these terror groups the confidence they need to keep all of this up. Isis and other terror groups want all of this fear happen, they want us to attack each other either physically and mentally. We shouldn’t be doing their work for them, we need to come together as a country and defeat the people who are corrupting our views and country. We also need to terminate any nuclear deals with Iran or any other unstable country that is surrounded by terror groups like ISIS, because if ISIS build enough strength to take on a whole country then they can get their hands on those nuclear warheads then there will be a huge domino effect from there, they wouldn’t hesitate one bit to use those weapons to terrorize anyone who has rebelled or fought against them. For us to come together as a country, the people of the united states need to come together and find solutions to our problems, and our government needs to also listen to the people like they say they do. With a country that has all of its inhabitants working together could possibly make the government stronger and more secure instead of opposite sides fighting and tearing eachother apart we can achieve more, because of less stalemates and more things can get passed.

With all of these foreign problems i wanna see a mentally and Physically strong president to handle these stressful issues concerning most americans in our country. In this next election i hope to see the people who have caused so much heartache to our wonderful country get punished and banished from ever entering our nation. With the banishment of muslims, Syrian refugees, our country can finally unite as one and patch the holes that the haters have drilled into our nation. With this problem solved, without letting refugees into our country we can finally take the blindfolds off of the politicians, so they can see the difference in how our country unites without terror. I feel that others would agree on my points and probably would allow others to go into deep depth then i did, because every one person has different views and opinions that can go into deep detail. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinions and facts. 



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