Adriana New York

We Gave Refugees Rights Before, Why Can't We Now?

Refugees have come to our country for hundreds of years...

Dear Future President, 

 Our culture, society and people are all made of refugees. The most American things come from places that aren't American such as the hot dog whichis Polish, and was made by a Polish immigrant in America, peanut butter was actually made in South America, and the Statue of Liberty was made by the French. Americans in the past did not really appreciate immigrants and sometimes to this day they are not appreciated and don't get the job opportunities they would have gotten if they weren't immigrants. These are the most common types of jobs immigrants hold in America.

We need to get more rights and a better and fair chance of getting more opportunities for refugees. America also needs to allow more refugees to come here. Everybody complains about the illegal immigrants that come into the country and that they're taking over their America. First of all it hasn't been their America for a while. America is a melting pot and there are so many different people and so many mixes in that person and its hard to believe but there were about 318.9 million people in 2014. Imagine that every person has so many different cultures, religions and history in them. I just can't believe people would be so inconsiderate of other immigrants when they themselves, their parents, grandparents or somebody in their family came here for some reason. There were about 484,072 immigrants let into our country legally in 2012 and you may think that's a lot but if you compare it to the 318.9 million people in 2014 you realize it's not as big as you thought. That's why nearly 11.5 million illegal immigrants are here now. They were not given the chance to have rights. 

This subject is very personal to me because when I was about 8 or 9 I was watching the presidential debate with my dad. I remember him telling me all the points and the pros and the cons. He is an immigrant and legally. His family sent him to school in the states but to do so they had to put him up for adoption so he could legally live with his aunt. Anyway during the debate he was asking me which points I valued and my opinions and his. I asked him if he could become president since to a person in 3rd or 4th grade he seemed like he knew everything. My dad went silent for a while and then I learned that an immigrant can't become President unless they were an American citizen. The minimum is 10 years wait, so even in 2000 we weren't giving immigrants equal rights. 

So Future President I am asking you on behalf of all the immigrants and refugees in all parts of the world to please give them the rights and opportunities that they have worked so hard to get and deserve.



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