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Military Intervention in Syria

Military Intervention in Syria is a bad idea

Dear Next President,

Mazel Tov on your election I hope you have a great year. Although I could not vote this year, next presidential election I will be able to. So to give you a leg up there is a problem I would like to address. This is the problem of the military intervention in Syria, which I and many others believe to be wrong.

         In Syria, there are tons of poverty and suffering no doubt. The opposition says, as stated in the 2nd Huffington Post, that the only other options available are worse and they would be right except. According to csis, military involvement can cause more suffering than its alternatives. Not only will there be casualties in military involvement, but political problems with Syria over “illegal aggression” which could lay down claims for war. If we go to war with Syria it will also mean we will go to war with Russia since Russia and Syria are Allies. Russia is the country with the most nuclear bombs.         

   According to the Huffington Post Assad causes 40-50 deaths per 100,000 people per year. To be compared that is the murder rate of New Orleans and Detroit. According to labnol one nuclear bomb can wipe out a whole entire city of people.

         Since we are on the topic of bombs. Bombing is a serious mistake to.According to The Huffington Post the chemical plants in Syria are positioned in heavily populated areas so bombing those will cause many more civilian deaths making more reasons for Syrians to resent us further fueling the desire to go to war.

           I have a solution to the problem that does not directly involve the U.S.. All we need to do is supply the Syrians who are fighting for a democracy and fighting off the terrorists with food, guns, ammo, and other supplies. This will ensure peace and it will not tip the balance in favor of war.



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