Tamara M Georgia


As an American citizen, I believe if we help immigrants coming to our country we could help all the innocent lives coming from war, poverty, diseases , health care, and environmental factors.

Dear Future President,

      America's diversity is made up of immigrants coming from all around the world. About 11.3 million immigrants live in the United States Of America. Immigrants are what shaped America for the past 400 years. As an American citizen, I believe if we help immigrants coming to our country we could help all the innocent lives coming from war, poverty, diseases , health care, environmental factors, etc. We will also be greatly benefited with the economy. Immigration is one of the main topics focused for our future on whether to welcome these people or not. I am asking if you could help fix our broken immigration system; in this way, we will help strengthen families, strengthen the economy, and strengthen the country.

     Immigrants are a benefit to our economy because they help create jobs,enhance economic growth, and create much of a modern society with new aspects everyday.  According to the 2007 census data , “Immigrants start business, own business, and have employees at higher rates than the native-born american counterparts”. This shows that immigrants are benefiting America's economy by jobs and business. The taxes also play a role because undocumented workers in the USA inject around $109 billion in the tax revenue. Most importantly, immigrants benefit the U.S economy by the education system because allowing more immigrants to obtain legal status means that more people who reap public education benefits will play into the system by providing more supplies needed for students. Look at the big picture, immigrants are what helps enhance the U.S economy.

    Saving lives is one of the main concerns towards immigrants migrating to the U.S. If we could help find a solution for immigrants migrating to the U.S. in a safe way, then we could reduce the amount of deaths occurred. As shown in ‘The great immigration debate article’ it states that “By the many few years many immigrants lives were lost. About 7,000 people died by escaping through the Mediterranean sea”. This shows that we should help these people by providing what they need in order to arrive in the U.S as safe as possible either by water or land. If we address this problem , less deaths will occur, and immigrants would travel in a safer way. For example, Aylan Kurdi from Syria, escaped through the Mediterranean sea and died to the causality of drowning because of the lack of supplies needed to escape. We could avoid this tragic to anyone else if we put more effort and help create safer routes for immigrants.

       Immigration is a conflict that there is both sides to. One side which is democrats, who support immigration while the other side , republics tend to oppose immigration. I believe we should help immigrants both legal and illegal because immigrants are migrating to the USA everyday to begin their life. However the republicans tend to believe that immigration threatens american sense of control over the economic security. These impacts are politically explosive despite or perhaps because of the difficulty measuring them. For politicians the hard issue is distributional by who gains and who loses. We could avoid these problems by setting up a system for immigrants so this issue won't create an issue or problem. As shown in the ‘Great immigration debate article’ it states that “Many republicans believe if making a border wall for mexico will limit the Mexican immigrants coming into the USA and Muslims should be fled back to their country if they come to the U.S illegally”. Creating a border wall for Mexicans coming into the U.S and fleeing illegal Muslims back to their country will not create a solution whatsoever. This would create a massive issue towards the country because we are a country where people come together no matter gender, race, color, and ethnicity. Instead of getting rid of illegal immigrants we should find a valid solution and help with the issue.

     We could work together and enhance America into a stronger and better country by helping the issue of immigration. We could find a solution for people coming here that is trying to begin a new life. We are their chance to help as much as we can by helping structure how there life will be if they come to the USA. All Of these immigrants that come here help us with the work they do, they challenge us with new ideas and new perspectives, and they give us a perspective to why we are here. We could find a solution for the immigration reform and not destroy immigrants living here or coming to live here. We are a nation of immigrants and helping them the right way will cause less conflict and help more people.