Estrella L. California

A Better Future for the Teenagers

Children are crossing the border for a better life.

Dear future President,

Children are crossing the border for a better life. Many immigrants are coming from their country because they want protection from the danger there. In the United States there are many immigrants that need help and refuge. They need support from the government. They come from Guatemala, México, El Salvador and Honduras to the U.S.

I am student in high school and I am from Mexico. I came to this country to study. This is a reason I am writing this letter so you can help us and support us by looking at the reason that we are here. Many immigrants came due to the violence in their country, others come to study. It is difficult for us to be here, but we came for opportunity to study because in our country sometime we don’t have the same opportunities as here.

You know the amount of teen that are crossing the border to the U.S. These are children that didn’t come with their parents. They are alone and it is dangerous for them. The article “More Kids Coming into U.S Illegally on Their Own”, says that “They crossed mountains and deserts, often rely in on guides to get to the U.S, those guides are nicknamed (coyotes). They suffer on their way here. They came with people who they don’t know; maybe those peoples don’t take care of them. This is important for us because those kids can die and they are just kids. It is unfair for kids to come to the U.S and face all these difficulties just so they can follow their dreams. Children crossing the border over deserts and mountains are incredible. You can do something for them. Take into consideration what will happen if this kids die? Please stop and think: How would you feel?

In our countries there is a lot of crime, such violent, gangs and abuse sometime from the same family. This is one of the main reasons that many people came from their countries. It is sad to know that children go through this experience. Think one moment about this; they just want to escape from these bad things. You know the gangs are very dangerous. The sad thing is that there are many young boys who are in these gangs. In the article “Central American Children Heading to U.S to Escape Danger” says that, “The only option is to leave the country or join the rival gang”. This is terrible situation. They can’t be in their country because it is dangerous for them. Please, you have to think about that. This is very important because many children are experiencing the same. They are not studying; they are forced to enter a gang. You can help them in achieving their dreams to give them the opportunity of studying. This can be different, we can have a new government that can be different. You will create laws; you can decide. I hope you think of lives that need to escape their terrible form of living.

Education is difficult in many countries. I want to tell you about this because I was in this situation as many youth now. I came this country because my family is poor. They don’t have enough money so I could go to school and the school was far away from my home, so we had to pay for transportation. Also, we had to pay for the school. You know there are not enough jobs for people. Now, I am here and it is different; I can obtain an education. Then my teachers and lawyers are helping me to achieve my dreams of studying. This is important because many children are in the same situation, like me they need an education because in their countries there is not enough opportunities to attend school. Sometimes in our country young people don’t finish school and don’t continue studying. They have a family early age. The best thing is that they can have is the opportunity of studying from the government who can support them. This will give them what they need so they can be somebody in life. I want you understand this and you can make the better decision and you can help children like me that need to have a future. Just for a moment think if you were in the same situation and had dreams, they were impossible to achieve it.

Finally, I want to tell you thanks for reading my letter. I wish that you would make the right decision, thinking about the situation of many kids and the difficulties that they are having. They just want a better life. They don’t want to hurt anyone. They just are people who have dreams they wish to achieve. I feel satisfied having talked for kids who are less fortunate. Thanks for listening.