Jake J. Texas

Legalization of Marijuana

By Jake Jaworski

 I think that marijuana should be legalized . I've researched and found that marijuana can actually help people. Using it medically can help many people suffering from many illnesses. Legalizing it recreationalally  can make the government lots of money, and it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

People suffering from many illnesses and diseases can be easily helped by medical marijuana. Doctors agree and have done tests and it has shown that Cannabis can kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells. Cannabis has also been found to “protect against inflammation of the colon and may have potential in reducing the risk of colon cancer, and possibly in its treatment.” It was also found to “cause cancer cell death while having little effect on normal breast cells during breast cancer”. Marijuana was also found to prevent seizures for people who suffered from them. Marijuana can help people in great pain suffering from many illnesses and diseases.

During the prohibition people bought alcohol when they weren't supposed to so the government couldn't tax, and the government ended up losing billions of dollars. If marijuana was legalized people would no longer be able to sell it illegally so that the government can tax it. States like Colorado are making lots of money off of taxing it. Legalizing marijuana can make state governments while also stopping drug dealers selling it illegally.

Most importantly marijuana isn't really that dangerous. Compared to alcohol and tobacco it's a lot less dangerous. Researches found that “cannabis has never been directly linked to any serious disease, the way tobacco has with cancer or alcohol with cirrhosis. Even the lungs don’t seem to take much abuse from marijuana.” Marijuana is found to only be bad when you use it extremely often and that is still unlikely to harm you badly. If marijuana is found to be less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco why are those legalized?

Scientist have said that marijuana can harm and kill brain cells, however it was found to only kill brain cells if you do too much of it. Tests showed that alcohol was a lot more dangerous than cannabis. Unless you use a very large amount of marijuana it doesn't harm brain cells.

I think we should legalize marijuana because of it's very helpful effects for people

suffering from illnesses and diseases. It should also be available because of the amount of money states could make off of it and because it's less threatening to the body than alcohol and tobacco. If cannabis was found to be this helpful, why is it still illegal?

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