Erin M. Texas

Medical Drugs

We should use drugs as medical treatment to cure patients in both physical and psychological.

  Dear Future President of the United States,

Using Drugs as medical treatment

What would you think about if you heard the word, ‘drug’? Numerous side effects? Pills that ruin people’s health? Or drug abuse and intoxication? Whatever it is, you might start thinking of the negative side of using drugs. However, there are quite a lot of drugs, even if some of them are illegal, that have positive effects on human body. They also could be used to cure people. Some people may disagree with drugs as medical treatment, but I think we should provide drugs as medication for three reasons; its safety, benefits, and substitutions.

Centuries ago, it is true that there was the a time that people had problems related to drugs. They abused them so much, and many people became criminals or harmed themselves. China even had several wars between Great Britain because of opium. But it had happened a long time ago. These days, we have a much safer environment to use drugs. Information about drugs is available, and people are fully aware of it. Plus, most of the drugs that sold in drug stores are made by scientists. Scientists “study how the human body responds to medications, so [they] can develop better, safer drugs, [and] test drugs on animals and humans to ensure safety and efficacy.” (Explore) We could know that scientists try their best to make better and safer drugs during the entire process from this quote.

Though drugs still have side effects, they also have lots of benefits on curing people. “But while drugs can be dangerous, illicit drugs have been researched for centuries, and some have been found to have surprising therapeutic benefits.” (Surprising) It is natural that medical drugs have strengths in medical treatment of people, but several drugs that are illegal, which were known as harmful objects, have surprising advantages, too. “scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. Continued research may lead to more medications.” (Marijuana) Not only marijuana, other illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy also have good effects.

Lastly, some people might think that in nowadays, there are other ways to cure people without drugs. They say drugs are too dangerous to use as medical treatment because of their side effects. There could be some cases that the medical treatment lead people to drug intoxication. I can’t agree with this idea. “There are immediate risks from overdose and intoxication, and longer-term health risks associated with heavy or prolonged use; damage to lungs from smoking cannabis or the bladder from ketamine for example.” (Andrew) Many people use drugs during their life in many reasons, but drug addictions are rare. I also disagree with the idea; there are enough substitutions of drugs to cure people in modern times. “the drug is still one of the most effective and safest treatments for extreme chronic pain, like the suffering experienced by cancer patients.” (Harness) As you see, ‘drugs are still one of the most effective and safest treatments to cure people’.

‘Drugs are harmful’. Most of the people would think like this. However, it is not absolute truth. Drugs in modern days are safe enough to use for medical reason with the expert’s prescription. They have also many benefits that unknown by majority of people even if they are illegal, and treatment with drugs is one of the most effective way to cure people. I am sure that if we could use drugs as medical treatment, the probability of curing patients would be much higher rather than we don’t.

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