paige e. Texas


I believe that the United States of America should never discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community.

October 28, 2016

Dear Future President,

For as long as I can remember, I knew that America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. And throughout my 14 years of living I have always believed this. But these past few years I have been wondering, are we really?

According to GJ Gates in 2011 that there were 9,000,000 people who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community. And since 2015 the number has rose to around the 12,000,000 mark. A lot of people have started coming out due to the numerous supporters throughout the country. However, when there are supporters… there are also suppresors. While there are around 12,000,000 people who are LGBTQ+, most of the world is totally against them.

I understand that most people are against it based on their religion. However, I myself am a Christian but that does not mean I am against them at all. I understand the importance of men and women being together and I get it, trust me. However, Jesus did say to love your neighbor and I don’t recall being very hateful towards this community as being loving.

In conclusion, I want to stress the importance of allowing the LGBTQ+ to be who they are. They are people just like us and all they want to do is love one another. They should not be discriminated against based on who they love and then, by allowing them to be happy, we truly are being “the home of the free”.


Paige E.

Student, KHS