Jake B. California

Marijuana Should Be Legal

Marijuana should be legal because people need it for medical reasons.

Dear President

Do you think marijuana should be legal because I do and here's why. Marijuana should be legal because people need it for medical reasons such as making them hungry because their body rejects food or because the are in sever pain.

Marijuana should be legal because people will need it for health and medical reasons like, needing it for pain killer or even to make you more relaxed and have less anxiety. It was scientifically proven that marijuana helps calm down the people with ADHD. Also that it helps and acts as a pain killer towards people with massive pain in their joints. 

The second reason Marijuana should be legal is that a side effect of smoking Marijuana is that it gives you the munchies. So for people who are anorexic and their bodies will no longer accept the food would smoke Marijuana to make them hungry so they will accept the food. This will help them because now they will be able to eat and not get sick. 

Marijuana shouldn't be legal because it makes it more accessible for underage kids. This can be a really big problem because Marijuana is known as a gateway drug to much bigger and powerful drugs. This will influence them to try other drugs and therefore take more powerful stuff and more likely die from an overdose on something later on in life.

So even though Marijuana is bad because it would make it more accessible to kids. It can still help out many people tremendously because it is used as a painkiller and to help make people whose bodies won't take in food hungry and accept the food.


Jake B

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