William B. Texas

The Trigger Isn't Alive, We Are.

I decided to address the problem of Gun Control. People believe it will stop death but I believe it will only make it worse.

Dear Future President,

Founding father, Samuel Adams argued that the Constitution should never be interpreted “to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” But not everyone believes the same was as Mr.Adams. They believe taking guns will make everyone "safe." I'm here to tell you it won't. Because why would criminals who already break the law care about breaking one more.

You most likely remember the attack in Paris, where Islamic Terrorists killed around 130 people and injured another 368. Now here's what I want to look at here; did the strict gun laws in France help mitigate the issue or did it just fuel the fire? The Terrorists had a heavy arsenal, equipped AK-47 assault rifles, plenty of ammunition and magazines and high explosives for constructing their bomb-vests. Somehow they were able to bypass these strict laws. So, what if at least one citizen had a firearm that fateful day. In my opinion more of those people would be with us today. Here's the thing we don't want to end up like Paris. We need to keep guns in the hands of good Americans because even if you do take them away you'll just have to give them back, eventually.



Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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