Matthew Gee Texas


Discrimination and racism has been used as a weapon for fear. I believe we stop racism and care for all races.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

Do you think all our lives matter? Well even if you don’t they should in the world. I have observed many events on my research that shows that not only black lives but other races have had serious occurrences happened to them. My question to you is do you have some way to care for all lives, so that you can show that our world is one big team no matter what the race is? The reason why all lives matter is because right now discrimination over racism is a huge problem and something should be done about it.

Racism has been used as a weapon to create fear in the world ,causing discrimination. Many people only their lives matter. I have a chart showing which lives people would rather care for. Seeing charts like this shows what people would rather have in this world, but isn't it important that we show that we care for not 1, not 2, not 3, but all races to make one big team. A man named Jesse Damiani writes a document to show what he thinks about #All Lives Matter. From his document Damiani said “ how we can actually come together to bring about the reality in which all lives really do matter.” If we make a big team to make all lives matter that whole world can be a team.

We must be self evident because we don’t need to point out the obvious which is that our world is falling apart because we don’t think that races are equal. Isn’t it important we be self evident to know we care for one another? Being self evident is one of the main things that show we can cooperate together as one. If we solve the fact that all lives matter, us being self evident will change the world.

Some people say that they think that black lives matter because of certain issues that happen to affect black lives. Some people don’t see the true fact that choosing black lives matter shows that they don’t care about any other lives but black lives. Because people think this, we lose more lives than we do already. I think that all those people are wrong about black lives matter. I think that all lives matter because what matters is that we don’t just think of ourselves ,but we think of others to stop discrimination.

Every single person in the world matters, no matter what race they may be. If we can prove that all lives matter we can show that we are self evident and that we care not for just our lives but all lives. Mr/Mrs President I ask you a favor to make a program to help stop discrimination. Discrimination is causing us to fall apart Mr/Mrs. President, so you must solve the problem of racism.


Matthew Gee

Cedar Valley Middle School 8th Grade ELA

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