CSM Texas

Animal Vaccinations

Testing on animals is wrong

Dear Future President,

I am reaching out to you today on a topic that is widely argued among most Americans. Why do we as Americans feel it is right to test all sorts of medicines and vaccines on animals? Why don’t My name is Cole McElwee and I am writing about why animal testing is wrong and needs to be stopped immediately.

First, animals can’t talk, meaning that they aren't able to give their consent to be tested. Just because they can't speak for themselves, doesn't make it okay for us to choose their fate for them. The Humane Society of the US has estimated that at least 1 million animals are either abused or killed during the ‘testing stage’. As you can see, we as humans think it is okay to speak for the unspoken and make choices that aren't really ours to make.

Another idea for you, animals are mammals. Guess what, so are we! So why don't we just get people that want to be tested, whether or not they get paid, or if they are getting medicine needed to cure them. Let me tell you something you might not know, people will do almost anything for money. So with that said, why not fund for the human testing that will be more accurate and precise, and do away with the testing on speechless animals?

So as you can see, animal testing is wrong and cruel. We don't have the right to make decisions for others just because they can't speak up for themselves. By testing on animals, we as a whole are hurting our community by harming and killing these species that aren't meant to be tested on. As a nation, we can work together to stop this outraging act of animal cruelty and give these animals a chance at life.


Cole M.

Student, KHS