Abby H. Montana

Tattoo Discrimination

Why tattoo discrimination should be illegal.

Jobs all over the world are using the "No Visible Ink" policy because tattoos are associated with people living unhealthy lifestyles. Tattoos are a piece of artwork put on the body forever, people with tattoos shouldn't be seen as violent criminals or drug dealers, but people who are fanatic about art! I personally don't have any tattoos (since I'm only 15) but, I do have piercings and have had unnatural colored hair in the past. People "like us" are judged and denied jobs just because of how we look.

"I was refused a hostess job at a restaurant for having a small lavender flower tattoo on my wrist." says Hailey Paton. "He also pointed out the mole on my nose thinking it was a piercing, saying I'd also have to take it out. I corrected him and he said "Are you sure?" He said he would call the next day and never did." I've read a lot of articles about people getting judged for having a small tattoo, even if it is a cross or having something to do with their religion! Something as small as a penny can get you fired. My mom has "xoxo" on her wrist in honor of her grandma, resulting in wearing a watch or else she would get yelled at by the boss. Tattoos are seen as "untidy and unprofessional" along with making customers uncomfortable and giving companies a "bad reputation." Christine Frankson claims that she was denied a job and called racist because her tattoo looked like Arabic writing. "My tattoo is from a video game, the game has its own alphabet so I got a word tattooed in the writing." she said.

If we can take a stand, I feel that denying someone with tattoos, piercings, and/or colored hair could be illegal. Being yourself is important, but so is being able to support your family and have food on the table. Over 30% of millennials have tattoos and that number will only grow. Everyone says "This was way worse of a problem back then." but that doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist. Tattooed people deserve to be respected and given the same rights as those without tattoos.