Sharon L. Texas

LGBTQ Rights: Lives Matter

Persuasive letter with reasons to protect LGBTQ rights

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Human rights, the thing that America broke free from Britain for. But why is it that equality is unable to reached? Racial, gender, gender preferences, and religious discrimination is everywhere, and though all the issues are important, there is still a specific group called the LGBTQ that has been discriminated against more and more in these recent years. These people do not have rights in this country. They are being murdered due to hate crimes against them. You should sign a bill into law that defends and gives rights to LGBTQ persons and create programs in school that puts emphasis on equality. This will allow equality to be created among the people like the constitution states.

The LGBTQ community doesn’t have equal dignity under the law. Mr./Madam President, this is quite a bit of a problem, as this defies the US constitution where it is stated that “ All men are created equal”. These people are denied the protection of workplace discrimination, housing discrimination, acceptance in media, sports, and business, and even on freely giving blood. About 20% of the LGBTQ in this country are facing discrimination in their lives. “We can pass all of the laws we want and talk about public policy until we run out of air, but until our society stops thinking of queer people as deviant or corrupt or sinful or in any way less than non-queer people, nothing is going to change,” said Noah Michelson.

And it won’t.

Mr./Madam President, it is not your responsibility to see that your people face equality? After all, does the US Constitution not tell us that “All men are created equal”? Sign a bill into law that protects these people's’ rights so that they are able to live free to do the things their heterosexual brothers and sisters are able to do.

Some argue that children need both a mother and a father, and that this is the reason for banning gay marriage. But what about those who don’t have children? Why should preventing marriage of the same sex be prevented, when this problem doesn’t even apply to some? Even so, the LGBTQ of this country should be just as capable of taking care of children as heterosexual couples. Yes, studies do show that girls who are raised apart from their fathers are reportedly at higher risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy and children without a mother are deprived of the emotional security and unique advice that mothers provide. But wouldn’t things be worse for those children who stay unadopted and missing both parents? Then comes the problem of no emotional security. Being homosexual does not mean that you are automatically a bad parent. You will still have the same fears, same hope, and same wishes for your child. Why should having a dad and a dad or a mom and a mom be any better than having a mom and a dad? They both care for the child, do they not?

On June 13, 2016, “a young man walked into Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, with a gun he legally purchased and opened fire on innocent people.” As a result, families have been torn apart, lives were lost, and friendships had been broken. The hate committed towards these fellow human beings are horrible, your people are dying, and someone must stop these absolutely vile acts. 6,933 hate crimes were committed this year. Will you really sit back and watch your people kill each other? That is why for this problem, you should create a program in school that puts emphasis on equality. If children my age grew up in an environment that drills equality into their brains, the chances that murder and hate crimes will happen will become significantly less. It will not guarantee total equality, but when many children learn that discrimination is very bad, it will decrease the amount of hate crimes in this country today.

Finally, I want to congratulate you, Mr./Madam President on being the President of the United States. I hope, even with the heavy weight of our country placed on your shoulders, that you will be able to lead our country well. Please create a new law and a program focused on equality, because that will really be a big step towards equality in our country. Thank you for your time, Mr./Madam President.

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